Laparoscopic management of caesarean scar ectopic pregnancy: a case report

Nazer Thalamkandathil, Rasheeda Beegum, Beegum Hasooriya


A 30-year-old G5P2A2 woman was diagnosed to have ectopic pregnancy at the caesarean scar site on routine ultrasound scan followed by Doppler blood flow evaluation. It was managed successfully by laparoscopic resection. Ectopic pregnancy in a caesarean scar is a rare entity. It is important to diagnose the condition as early as possible in order to administer appropriate, timely treatment and to avoid complications. The optimal treatment of caesarean section scar ectopic pregnancies is unknown successfully by laparoscopic resection followed by endosuturing and this enabled uterine preservation.


Caesarean section, Ectopic pregnancy, Laparoscopy

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