Pain relief in labour: tramadol versus pentazocine

Kavita Chandnani, H. B. Sainee


Background: The present study was undertaken to compare the effect of 100 mg intramuscular tramadol to 30 mg intramuscular Pentazocine for labour analgesia.

Methods: A total of 60 cases with 37-40 weeks pregnancy in labour, without any foetal or maternal complications were selected. Out of them Inj. Tramadol was given to 30 cases while rest of the 30 patients received injection Pentazocine.

Results: In Tramadol group pain relief was observed in 80% cases, effect started as early as 7-8 min and continued for 2.13 hrs. While in Pentazocine group pain relief was observed in only 60% cases with delayed onset (15-16 min), effect lasted for 2.67 hrs. Maternal and foetal complications were slightly more in Pentazocine group.

Conclusions: Tramadol is an effective and safe labour analgesic, producing moderate to satisfactory. Besides it also significantly shortens the duration of labour.


Tramadol, Pentazocine, Labour analgesia, Pain

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