Evaluation of PPIUCD versus interval IUCD (380A) insertion in a teaching hospital of Western U. P.

Abhilasha Gupta, Aruna Verma, Jyoti Chauhan


Background: Comparative evaluation of PPIUCD and interval IUCD in terms of incidence of failure, expulsions, bleeding P/V and other complications.

Methods: Total 300 willing women after counselling in antenatal, early labor or postnatal period were inserted PPIUCD after excluding chorioamnionitis, PROM >18hrs, Unresolved PPH, Puerperal sepsis. Another 150 willing women were inserted interval IUCD after excluding contraindications. All were followed up for 6 months.

Results: Expulsion rate was significantly higher in PPIUCD as compared to interval insertions (4.3% v/s 2.0%; p value< 0.05). Number of removal of IUCD was almost similar in both groups(5.6% v/s 6.0%) but bleeding as a cause of removal was significantly more in interval group(23.5% v/s 88.5%). Common causes of PPIUCD removal were social.

Conclusions: Postpartum insertion of IUCD is safe effective, feasible and reversible method of contraception.


PPIUCD, Interval IUCD, Acceptance, Safety

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