Published: 2017-02-10

Conventional laparotomy for management of caesarean scar ectopic pregnancy: a case report

Nilesh C. Mhaske, Rujul Jhaveri, Madhva Prasad, Deepali Kharat, Michelle N. Fonseca


Increase in the rates of caesarean deliveries has led to a concurrent rise in the number of caesarean scar ectopic pregnancies (CSEP). With recent advances, diagnosis can be made at an early gestational age, hence facilitating a prompt intervention. With the varied treatment options available, choosing the right one may possess a clinical dilemma. However, in a low resource setting, conventional laparotomy may be the only option feasible. A case of CSEP managed with laparotomy is presented.


Caesarean section, Ectopic pregnancy, Pregnancy, Laparotomy, Trans-vaginal ultrasound

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