Pregnancy in non-communicating rudimentary horn

Ram Kanwar Deora, Preeti Chawla, Nikhila G. Shetty


A 25-year old G3P2L2 presented to casuality of OBG Dept, Ummaid Hospital, Jodhpur with5 months amenorrhea and bleeding per vaginum for last 5 days associated with abdominal pain. On per abdomen examination, a mass arising from pelvis corresponding to the size of a 16 weeks pregnancy was seen. A repeat ultrasound was performed in our hospital and the findings were - normally visualised uterus with a gestational sac with thin myometrium rim seen on right side with single dead fetus of gestational age 14 weeks 3 days, pregnancy in rudimentary horn, bicornuate uterus with pregnancy in right horn. Patient was counselled and prepared for laparotomy which was performed under general anesthesia. Intra -operative findings were normal sized uterus, right sided rudimentary horn pregnancy was seen. Both tubes and ovaries were normal. Hence, right sided rudimentary horn excision along with ipsilateral salpingo – oophorectomy was planned and done by clamping and cutting. Hemostasis was achieved. There was no communication between the rudimentary horn and the main uterus. The estimated blood loss was 200ml.


Mullerian duct, Rudimentary horn, Trans-peritoneal migration

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