Spontaneous nontraumatic epidermoid cyst of the clitoris: a rare case report

Arun Nayak, Meenal Sarmalkar, Madhuri Mehendale, Shrutika Shah


Epidermoid cysts are slow growing, intradermal or subcutaneous tumors with a wall composed of true epidermis. They are rarely seen in the clitoral region but when found; they are commonly seen following female genital mutilation. Spontaneous onset clitoral epidermoid cysts have been scarcely reported .We report a rare case of a large spontaneous nontraumatic epidermoid cyst of clitoris in a 22 year old nulliparous female. This presentation mimicked clitoromegaly but was diagnosed to be a large epidermoid cyst after excision.


Epidermoid cyst, Spontaneous, Nontraumatic, Clitoral cyst, Clitoromegaly

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