Published: 2017-04-27

Efficacy of sodium feredetate versus ferrous sulfate in iron deficiency anemia in preganant women

Vijaya Manohar Revankar, Asha Garg, Asha Garg, Manohar G. Revankar, Manohar G. Revankar


Background: The main aim of the study was to determine the efficacy of Sodium Feredetate with Ferrous Sulfate in treatment of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women. Rise in hemoglobin after one and two months of treatment with respective drugs and their side effects.

Methods: Prospective randomized study carried out between Jan 2008-July 2009 at Government Tertiary Care Level Hospital OBG Department in Mangalore on 74 pregnant women with anemia.

Results: Sodium feredetate (Na Fe EDTA) in iron deficiency anemia led to a significant and rapid rise in hemoglobin levels than that with ferrous sulfate in our study.

Conclusions: Sodium Feredetate in iron deficiency anemia led to a significant and rapid rise in hemoglobin levels than that with Ferrous Sulfate and also associated with minimal or no side effects.


Ferrous sulfate, Iron deficiency anemia, Sodium feredetate

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