Published: 2017-07-26

Spontaneous closure of the hymen during term pregnancy

Gomathy E., Poonguzhali Liston, Shilpa G.


The hymen is a thin fold of mucous membrane; partially closing the external vaginal opening.1It is composed mainly of elastic, collagenous connective tissue and covered on its both surfaces by stratified squamous epithelium. At pregnancy, the epithelium of hymen becomes very thick and rich in glycogen, which may lead to spontaneous closure. We aim to report a rare case of spontaneous closure of hymen in a 23-year old primigravida in labour with no prior history of menstrual problems or problems during intercourse. Two conditions can cause the secondary closure of the hymen: following previous scarring and in pregnancy. In pregnancy, it could be spontaneous closure due to increase glycogen content of the hymen or due to extensive scarring as seen in previous hymenal surgeries. Spontaneous closure of hymen during pregnancy though very rare can occur. Along with extensive scarring, prolonged abstinence and oestrogenic effect on hymen, gonococcal infection can also cause sponatenous closure of hymen during pregnancy.



Hymen, Pregnancy

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