Induction of labour: a randomized controlled trial

Nivedita Reshme, Rajnish Samal, Padmaja P, Shalini S., Radhika K.



Background: Clinical trial between Foley’s catheter and Dinoprostone gel for change in Bishop Score after 12 hours of labour induction, mode of delivery, maternofoetal outcome and cost effectiveness. Induction of labour is necessary if the woman does not get timely, adequate and appropriate labour pains. Bishop’s score is used to assess cervical ripening. Hence, we note the change in Bishop Score after 12 hours of labour induction to assess the success rates, time taken for active labour and delivery, maternofoetal outcome and the cost effectiveness.

Methods: Block randomized controlled clinical trial between Foley’s catheter and dinoprostone gel for a sample size of 76 in each group was done.

Results: In women administered dinoprostone gel, there was significant change in Bishop score with a mean score of 7. Shorter induction active labour interval and induction delivery interval proved it to be a faster inducing agent. No significant difference was noted in terms of mode of delivery. A higher rate of fetal distress was noted in Foley’s group probably as a result of prolonged labour and need for further augmentation with oxytocin for a long duration.

Conclusions: In terms of cost of labour Dinoprostone gel though more expensive than the Foley’s catheter, eventually proved to be equally economical for the patients considering the faster labour induction, considerable vaginal delivery rates and hence shorter stay in hospital.


Dinoprostone gel, Foley’s catheter, Induction delivery interval, Post induction, Preinduction

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