Published: 2017-06-24

Massive hemoperitoneum in case of large subserosal fibroid- a rare case report

Yuvrajsingh Digvijaysingh Jadeja, Radha Shukla, Smruti Vaishnav, Molina Patel


Rupture of veins on the surface of uterine leiomyoma is an extremely uncommon gynaecological cause of haemoperitoneum. It is a life-threating emergency. In most cases, bleeding is a result of trauma or torsion. Here we report a case of massive intraperitoneal haemorrhage due to rupture of vessels on the surface of large sub-serous leiomyoma to stress on the fact that a differential diagnosis of rupture of surface vessels in a fibroid should be considered while dealing with a case of haemoperitoneum with pelvic masses


Fibroid, Haemoperitoneum, Sub serous, Superficial veins

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