Ovarian fibroma with a twist!

Swapna Yaramareddy, Lakshmi Shanmughasundaram, Senthil Kumar, Sarah Kuruvilla, Latha M., Thankam Varma


Ovarian fibromas are the most common benign solid tumor of the ovary and usually are large and asymptomatic. It can mimic several conditions hence it can often be misdiagnosed pre-operatively. In this case the pre-operative diagnosis was bilateral ovarian tumor with endometrial hyperplasia. The final diagnosis was a torsion left ovarian fibroma with an area of hemorrhagic infarction and a benign endometrial polyp. The benefit of a multidisciplinary team approach and the challenges faced during the peri-operative period are discussed.


Ovarian Fibroma, Post menopausal age, Torsion

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