Asymptomatic levo uterine torsion of 90 degrees during caesarean section

Sirisha Anne, Arpit Garg, Debraj Sen


Uterine torsion is defined as a rotation of uterus more than 45 degrees along it’s long axis.  Some degree of dextrorotation in the gravid uterus can be a normal finding, however rotation greater than 45 degrees along the longitudinal axis of the uterus which is described as uterine torsion is a rare pathological condition in   obstetrical practice. We report a case of levotorsion of the uterus by 90 degrees wherein patient had presented with pre term labour at 35W5D POG and levotorsion was encountered and managed intraop during caesarean. Uterine torsion of 90 degrees was encountered with the round ligament and tubo ovarian complex along with the uterine artery lying anteriorly at the incision site and lower segment of uterus rotated laterally onto the right side. The surgery was handled diligently resulting in average blood loss.  Blood loss during the surgery was average. After the delivery of the baby, uterus returned to anatomical position and levotorsion corrected spontaneously.


Caesarean, Levotorsion of uterus in pregnancy, Uterine torsion

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