Published: 2017-07-26

Genital tuberculosis and infertility

Prajakta Shende, Shalini Mahana Valecha, Manisha Gandhewar, Diwija Dhingra


Background: An analytical study to diagnose genital tuberculosis, using various modalities, it`s treatment options and fertility outcomes in infertile labour class women.

Methods: A prospective study, where 120 women, presented to hospital due to infertility were subjected to hystero-laparoscopy over 36 months. Endometrium sent for TB-PCR and HPR. Those diagnosed with GTB were given Anti-Tubercular Drugs as per standard regimes and their fertility outcome was studied.

Results: Out of 120 women, 32(27%) were diagnosed with GTB using accepted clinical criteria, TB-PCR and endometrial HPR. 30 of these 32 were diagnosed by HLscopic picture (94%) alone, 18 by positive endometrial TB-PCR (58%) and another 3 by HPR (10%). Among 32 women treated, 9(28%) conceived after treatment.

Conclusions: High incidence of GTB amongst the labour class warrants strong suspicion and early diagnosis using hystero-laparoscopy and prompt treatment to minimize the short and long-term effects of GTB on fertility.


Anti-tubercular drugs, Fertility, GTB, HLscopy, TB-PCR

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