Analysis of risk factors in surgical site infection following caesarean section

Anam ul Haq, Aasif Abdullah, Shazieya Akhtar


Background: Objective of the study was to find SSI rate following Caesarean section and Analysis of risk factors.

Methods: This prospective randomized study carried out on 1504 patients, their demographic information, risk factors and surgical indications were recorded. Postoperatively patients were monitored for signs of SSI.

Results: Out of 1504 patients, 13% developed SSI, Hospital stay, wound class, ASA class, antibiotic prophylaxis and Type of caesarean showed significant association with SSI.

Conclusions: Reason for incidence of SSI higher than developed countries being only tertiary care hospital dealing with high risk pregnancies, late referrals from peripheries, Prolonged hospital stay, heavy rush of attendants, faulty supervision where dose of antibiotics is actually missed, no proper segregation of cases.



ASA class, Hospital stay, SSI, Wound class

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