Ovarian sex cord stromal tumors: an institutional experience

Shruti Bhargava, Jyotsna Vyas, Adarsh Bhargava


Background: Sex cord stromal tumors are a heterogeneous group of rare neoplasms of ovary. These tumors arise from different cells of the ovary and have a fascinating variety of clinical presentations. They are mostly diagnosed on histopathology after surgical removal.

Methods: Our study aims at discussing the clinical and histomorphological spectrum of these rare tumors at a tertiary care centre.

Results: In our study 158 ovarian sex cord stromal tumors were received over a period of eight years at our institute. Out of these, the most common age group was 30 to 40 years and the chief complaint was abdominal pain and lump in majority of cases. Most common tumor histologically was Adult Granulosa cell tumor (42.4%). There were 8 (5.1%) Juvenile granulosa cell tumors, 31 (19.6%) fibromas, 6 (3.8%) thecomas, 14 (8.9%) fibrothecomas, 24 (15.2%) sertoli leydig cell tumors and 7 (4.4%) sclerosing stromal tumors. We encountered one case of sex cord tumor with annular tubules.

Conclusions: Sex cord stromal tumors are uncommon ovarian tumors in Indians but have a wide range of distribution of age, clinical features and histopathological types. Since most of these have a relatively good prognosis, a high index of suspicion and thorough knowledge of clinicopathological findings is important for correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


Granulosa, Sertoli leydig cell, Sex cord stromal

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