Maternal and fetal outcome in pregnancy with heart disease in tertiary care hospital in India

Samia Salam, Saba Mushtaq, Khalid Mohi-ud-Din, Irfan Gul, Asifa Ali


Background: Cardiac disease is an important cause of maternal mortality and morbidity both in antepartum and postpartum period. The overall incidence of heart disease in pregnancy is <1%. Objective of present study was to determine maternal outcome in pregnant women with heart diseases in terms of fetal complication, maternal complication and Mode of delivery.

Methods: This study was conducted in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Government Lalla Ded Hospital, an associated of Government Medical College, Srinagar which is the sole tertiary care referral centre in the valley. 90 women with heart disease which were previously established   or diagnosed during pregnancy were enrolled in the study.

Results: In 90 women pregnancies was complicated by heart disease in the study. The prevalence of heart disease amongst all pregnancies found in hospital was 4.3%. The principal cause of cardiac lesion was Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) (56.6%) while congenital heart disease was seen in 13.3%. Among the women who had RHD, mitral stenosis seen in 21 (23.3%) was most common lesion and Multiple cardiac lesions 21 (24.4%) women. Among the women with congenital cardiac disease, mitral valve prolapse was most common constituting 5 (5%) cases. Cardiomyopathy was the most common constituting 7 (7.3%). Heart failure developed in 10 (11.1%) whose NYHA class changed from class I/II to class III/IV. Majority of the women delivered by caesarean section 33 (36.7%) while (35.6%) had a normal vaginal delivery with spontaneous onset of labour. 7% had assisted instrumental vaginal delivered.  9% women had first trimester abortion. There were 4 maternal deaths. 85.6% live births were observed in these women. No baby had congenital heart disease.  72.8% babies born weighed more than 2kg.

Conclusions: This study concluded that pre- pregnancy diagnosis, counselling, appropriate referral, antenatal supervision and delivery at equipped centre improve the pregnancy with heart disease outcome for both mother and baby.


Cardiomyopathy, Mitral valve stenosis, Pregnancy, Rheumatic heart disease

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