Dissecting the rural Indian women’s knowledge, attitude and practice about infertility

Ashwini Nayak U., Ramakrishnan K. G., Venkateshwar K. N., Vijayashree M.


Background: Objective of present study was to evaluate the knowledge, attitude and practice of rural women regarding infertility.

Methods: A field tested semi-structured questionnaire was administered to 100 rural women in Kaiwara village, Karnataka, India to study their knowledge, attitude and practice regarding infertility.

Results: Majority (84%) did not know the reason for infertility. 7% felt that the cause of infertility was due to problems with eggs, 6% felt it to be tubal factors and only 3% felt it to be due to male factor.

Conclusions: The findings of this study highlight the importance of spreading the awareness and inculcating the right attitude and approach to infertility.



Attitude, Infertility, Knowledge, Practice

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