Overview of ovarian masses

R. Padma Priya, K. P. Mohana Sundari, R. Aruna Rani


Background: To study the incidence, clinical presentation and histopathological pattern of ovarian masses in patients attending Department of gynaecology in a tertiary center in Tamil Nadu.

Methods: Retrospective analysis of 77 cases from March 2015 to March 2016.

Results: The total incidence of ovarian masses was 8.5%. Among the ovarian masses 23.37%were non-neoplastic lesions and71.4% were benign, 3.6%were borderline and 21.8% were malignant. All the malignant tumours were seen between 30-60yrs of age.

Conclusions: Ovarian neoplasms were thrice the incidence of non-neoplasm. Among the neoplastic lesion, benign neoplasms were common and the commonest was serous cystadenoma and the commonest malignant tumour was serous cyst adenocarcinoma.


Ovarian tumour, Serous cystadenoma, Serous cystadenocarcinoma

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