Cervical fibroid: an uncommon presentation

Sumanlata Mendiratta, Soumya Dash, Rajni Mittal, Suman Dath, Manisha Sharma, Rajiv N. Sahai


Fibroids arising from cervix are rare tumours accounting for 2% of all fibroids. A cervical leiomyoma is commonly single and is either interstitial or subserous, rarely it becomes submucous and polypoidal. Anterior cervical fibroid may press on urinary bladder and urethra and displace the urethro-vesical junction giving rise to urinary frequency and retention. Management of symptomatic cervical fibroid is hysterectomy or myomectomy and need an expert hand. Here we report a case of huge anterior cervical fibroid of 15x15x7cm with an unusual presentation of menorrhagia of only 2 days and no urinary symptoms. Inspite of the fibroid being huge and impacted, hysterectomy was done successfully without any injury to bladder and ureters.



Cervix, Myomectomy

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