Myomectomy in pregnancy: feasibility and safety

Reddi Rani P., Ashwini Vishalakshi L., Lopamudra B. John


Prevalence of myoma in pregnancy is increasing due to advances in imaging technology. Majority are asymptomatic. Symptomatic myomas are usually large, increase in size during pregnancy and give rise to various obstetrical complications. Myomectomy during pregnancy is controversial. The management of fibroids encountered during pregnancy and caesarean section is a therapeutic dilemma. Myomectomy during pregnancy and caesarean section is discouraged traditionally due to fear of miscarriage, uncontrolled bleeding, failure to obliterate the cavity, and ending in hysterectomy. Recent literature suggests myomectomy during pregnancy and caesarean section is safe in well selected cases with experienced obstetrician in a tertiary care center.


Caesarean myomectomy, Fibroids, Pregnancy

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