Clinico-pathological profile of ovarian cysts in a tertiary care hospital

Sairem Mangolnganbi Chanu, Biswajit Dey, Vandana Raphael, Subrat Panda, Yookarin Khonglah


Background: Ovarian cystic neoplasms are common in gynaecological practice. These may pose diagnostic difficulty to the pathologists. This study was conducted to analyse the clinical and histological profile of ovarian cystic neoplasms.

Methods: This is a retrospective study done from January 2016 to April 2017 in a tertiary care hospital in North East India. All the patients, who were clinically and radiologically diagnosed as ovarian cysts, which had histopathological confirmation were included in the study. Data including the age, parity, clinical symptoms, laterality and histopathological findings were analysed.

Results: A total of 101 patients operated for ovarian cysts in the study period were analysed. The most common clinical presentation was lower abdominal pain. There were 11 (10.9%) malignant cases, 4 (4%) were intermediate grade and borderline in nature, and 85 (84.1%) cases were benign in nature. There was 1 (1%) case of metastasis to ovary. Mature cystic teratoma was most common (20.8%) histopathological diagnosis. The second most common cyst was serous cystadenoma (19.8%).

Conclusion: Ovarian cysts are commonly encountered in gynaecological practice and equally encountered by the pathologists. Most commonly found ovarian cysts were mature cystic teratoma followed by serous cystadenoma.


Cyst, Cystadenoma, Laparotomy, Teratoma

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