Psycho-sexual impact of the hysterectomy of African woman: experience of Cocody University Hospital (UH-C)

Charles Kakou, Denis Effoh, Diomandé Ve, Alexis Kouabenan, Raphaël Abauleth, Serge Boni


Background: Specify the psychological and sexual impact of hysterectomy on the life of the women after the surgical operation.

Methods: It is a cross-sectional study which was undertaken in the obstetrical gynaecology department of the CHU of Cocody and in the National Institute of Mental Health of Abidjan over an 18-month period from December 1st, 2015 to May 31st, 2016. During that period, for gynaecological indications, hysterectomized patients who resumed sexual activities and accepted to take part in the study have been included.

Results: The frequency of hysterectomy has been 3.82% of the whole of more important surgical operations of the obstetrical gynaecology department. The epidemiologic profile of our patients has been that of a 43 years old woman, pauciparous and a single person. The indications were dominated by the uterine fibrome (56%), followed by the peritonitis post abortum, the by the cancer of uterine cervix, and finally by the cancer of the ovarian tumors, with 10% each one. In less than 90 days, 88% of the women had resumed sexual intercourses. Six months after the hysterectomy, 66% of the women had a feeling of being better and 44% felt a change in their sexual life.

Conclusions: The hysterectomy undoubtedly brings about changes in the daily life, and sexual intercourses of the patients. Therefore, it must be taken into account whenever that intervention is essential.


Hysterectomy, Sexuality, Welfare

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