Published: 2017-10-28

Ruptured corpus luteum cyst in women on anticoagulant: conservative or surgical management a clinical dilemma

Manika Agarwal, Jupirika E. Prybot, Ashish Dhirasaria


Ruptured corpus luteum cyst is a common finding in women of the reproductive age group, but hemoperitoneum in a case of reputured corpus luteum cyst in women on anticoagulants is an uncommon finding. Thus, management in such cases can be done by dose adjustment of anticoagulants. A woman had come to the emergency with complaints of pain distention of abdomen. Her USG showed adenexal mass with hemoperitoneum. She was on anticoagulants. Her coagulation profile was deranged. Patient was managed conservatively with dose adjustment and transfusion of blood and fresh frozen plasma. Hemoperitoneum due to ruptured corpus luteum cyst in reproductive age group have a similar presentation with ectopic pregnancy. In women in this age group pregnancies should be ruled out. Patients on anticoagulants may not require laparotomy and can be managed conservatively.


Anticoagunants, Corpus luteum, Hemoperitoneum

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