Fetus acardius amorphous: a rare case report

Dharitri M. Bhat, Pradip R. Butale, Dinkar T. Kumbhalkar, Waman K. Raut


Fetus acardius amorphous is a rare fetal malformation, lacking a functional heart and bearing no resemblance to human embryos. The main differential diagnosis is with placental teratoma and is based on the degree of skeletal organization and umbilical cord formation. A 27-year old woman delivered a healthy newborn at 36 weeks gestation. An oval well defined mass, covered with normal looking skin, was connected to the placenta with a thin walled vessel. X-ray examination of the mass revealed the presence of vertebral column. Histopathologic examination demonstrated the presence admixture of tissues including neural tissue, osteoid, cartilage, muscle, fat etc. beneath the skin. The rarity of fetal monsters without a functioning heart is emphasized.


Acardius, Fetus, Teratoma

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