Published: 2017-10-28

Pregnancy in uterus didelphys delivered by caesarean section: a case report

Devyani Sawai, Susheel Kumar Sharma, Devashish Singh Sawai, Uttkarsha Sawai, Sangeeta Sharma, Ajay Sharma


The aim of this study is to report a rare case of pregnancy in uterus didelphys. Mullerian duct anomalies are congenital defects of the female genital system that arise from abnormal embryological development of the Mullerian ducts. A didelphys uterus, also known as double uterus is one of the least common amongst the various Mullerian duct anomalies. It results from complete failure of fusion of Mullerian ducts. There is presence of double uterine bodies with two separate cervices and often double or septate vagina. We report the case in our institute of a pregnancy in the left sided body of a didelphys uterus, delivered by caesarean section. Patients with uterus didelphys belong to high risk group and complications are increased in malformed uterus. Such cases need a meticulous prenatal care. It is a rare Mullerian anomaly and can present with varied obstetrical and gynaecological complications. Prompt and accurate diagnosis of uterine malformations and appropriate surgical intervention are essential to prevent complications.


3D ultrasonography, Caesarean section, Mullerian duct anomaly, Uterus didelphys

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