Uterine necrosis following B Lynch suture: a rare complication

Susheela Chaudhary, Parul Singh, Meenakshi B., Anjali Gupta, Monika Ramola


The B-Lynch uterine suture brace is a relatively new technique used for treatment of postpartum haemorrhage. These uterine compression sutures have achieved hemostasis while preserving fertility in many women and thus their efficacy and safety have been time tested. Very few complications have been reported following B Lynch suture. These include Asherman’s syndrome, hematometra, pyometra, localized areas of uterine necrosis and full-thickness defects in the lower uterine segment or uterine fundus and erosion of uterine wall. Herewith, reporting a case of 23-year-old woman who underwent cesarean section for breech presentation. She had atonic PPH for which uterine artery ligation was done along with B-lynch suture. She developed uterine necrosis for which hysterectomy was done. Microsections showed that endometrial cavity was filled with gangrenous slough extending to variable extent in myometrium and cervix.


Asherman’s syndrome, B Lynch suture

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