Metastatic ovarian tumor of a lung cancer at the hospital center of Chauny (France): a case report

Adjoby Cassou Roland, Kouamé Arthur Didier, Koffi Achille, Kakou Charles, Konan Joachim, Andriamandimbison Zoly, Ahounkeng Patrick, Nshimirimana Eric


The ovary is an organ that can be the site of metastases for many cancers. In general, malignant ovarian tumors are primary; however, cases of extra gynecological metastatic tumors (breast, colon, stomach, and pancreas) have been reported. In most cases, the primary cancers of these ovarian tumors are gastrointestinal or gynecological, the lung being very rarely involved. We report a rare case of ovarian metastases of bronchial cancer discovered during an extensional assessment. The histological examination coupled with immunohistochemistry concludes that ovarian metastasis of small cell lung carcinoma. In addition to chemotherapy such as Taxol-Hycamtin, the management required cerebral radiotherapy for a cerebral metastasis detected.


Metastasis, Napsin A, Ovary, Small cell lung carcinoma

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