Published: 2017-11-23

Management of twin pregnancy with a hydatidiform mole and surviving healthy co-existent fetus

Hale Goksever Celik, Gözde Meriç Demirezen, Baki Erdem, Alev Atış Aydın, Volkan Ülker


Twin pregnancies with complete mole and a coexisting live fetus are rare obstetric conditions seen in 1 case of 22000 to 100000 pregnancies. In our case, a twin molar pregnancy was diagnosed in the first trimester by ultrasound. In a 27-year-old patient with the first pregnancy, a 12-week live fetus with a normal placenta and a twin molar pregnancy appearance were observed on a routine ultrasonographic examination of the uterine cavity. Twin molar pregnancies are reported to be terminated by live birth in the literature, but termination of pregnancy is an important option to prevent maternal morbidity since molar pregnancy may lead to complications ranging from theca lutein cysts to gestational trophoblastic neoplasia.


Gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD), Hydatiform mole, Twin pregnancy

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