Suicidal attempt by woman in labor

Vidyadhar B. Bangal, Krishna Mandade, Priyanka Verma, Prachi Amrale, Kunal Aher, Dhruval K. Bhavsar


Suicidal ideation during delivery is extremely rare. Very few cases have been reported in the literature. Unwanted pregnancies, pre-existent mental disorders, substance abuse or addictions, marital dis-harmony, fetal demise or stillbirths have been documented as associated factors in reported cases of suicidal attempts by women in labour. Women tried taking overdose of sedative pills or have attempted hanging, drowning or jumping from hospital terrace. Lack of prenatal education, suboptimum use of labour analgesia, ill-treatment by health professional and relatives have been the contributory factors for suicidal ideation during pregnancy and labour. We report a rare case of attempted suicide by woman in active labour. She tried to cut the forearm and wrists with the help of razor blade used for preparation of part in preparation room attached to the labour room. The situation was recognized early by vigilant nurse on duty. The woman was resuscitated, treated, and counselled by psychiatrist before discharge from the hospital.



Care and support in labour, Labour analgesia, Prenatal health education, Suicide during labour

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