Aggressive angiomyxoma of vagina: a rare entity

Ruby Bhatia, Manjit K. Mohi, Anju Gupta, Shalini Singh


Aggressive angiomyxoma a soft tissue tumor arising in the pelvis and perineal regions of women in reproductive age group is a rare entity. It is slow growing locally aggressive myxoid mesenchymal tumor, with a marked tendency to local recurrence. Preoperative clinical diagnosis is usually difficult due to absence of diagnostic features as well as rarity of the disease. We describe a case of aggressive angiomyxoma of vagina in a 47-year-old para 4 woman with multiple fibromyoma (upto 22-week size of pregnant uterus) with 10*10 cms posterior vaginal cyst. Total abdominal hystrectomy with surgical excision of vaginal wall cyst done. A retrospective diagnosis-Aggressive Angiomyxoma of the vagina was made after histological confirmation. Surgical excision with wide margins and long term follow up remains treatment of choice.


Aggressive angiomyxoma, Retrospective diagnosis, Surgical excision

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