Laparoscopy: the tool for infertility

Neelima P. Shah, Prashant D. Shah


Background: Most of the healthy couples conceive within a year after marriage. The infertility patients have become important part of clinical practice. Diagnostic and therapeutic Laparoscopy plays major role in the management of these cases. We investigated hale 50 infertile women with laparoscopy. This study was undertaken to ascertain the diagnostic and therapeutic role of Laparoscopy in female infertility.

Methods: We evaluated 50 couples having infertility. The cases of primary and secondary infertility were evaluated. The laparoscopy was done under general anaesthesia. The pelvic organs were examined, and tubal patency was tested with chromo-perturbation by using Methylene blue dye. The findings were noted. The therapeutic intervention was done in the cases where it was necessary.

Results: Total 50 cases of infertility were studied. Thirty were of primary infertility and 20 were of secondary infertility. The patients with primary infertility were younger with mean age of 20 years. The duration of infertility ranged from 1.5 to 8 years. We detected total 21 (42%) patients with ovarian pathology, 5 (10%) with tubal, four (8%) with peritoneal factor 3 (6%) with endometriosis. One patient had uterine fibroid and 16 (32%) cases had normal laparoscopic findings.

Conclusion: This study supported the diagnostic and therapeutic value of laparoscopy in managing infertile women. It helped in detection of pelvic pathology. It also helped to plan further management in the form of IUI or IVF.


Infertility, Laparoscopy, Pelvic

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