A parasitic myoma: clinicopathological study of a rare case

Nanda J. Patil, Puja A. Pingle, Gayatri N. Patel


Leiomyoma is a benign tumour composed of smooth muscle cells with fibrous stroma and it is the commonest tumour amongst the tumours of uterus. As per FIGO classification system parasitic leiomyoma has no myometrial involvement or uterine attachment. These myomas get detached from the uterus and receive the blood supply from another source. The etiology and pathologic basis of these parasitic fibroids is not yet clearly understood. We report a rare case of parasitic myoma in a 29 years old female patient presented with abdominal discomfort and difficulty in micturition. Clinical examination and subsequent imaging studies revealed a pelvic mass. Histopathological examination of which proved it to be a parasitic myoma. Parasitic myoma is a rare entity which may be iatrogenically created after surgery particularly with morcellation technique. With increasing rates of laparoscopic procedures, surgeons should be aware of the possibility of formation of parasitic myoma and should take intraoperative precautions to minimise its formation.


Leiomyoma, Parasitic, Pelvis

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