Published: 2017-12-25

Struma Ovarii associated with Pseudo-Meigs Syndrome and elevated serum Ca 125: Case report and literature review

Oyuki A. Morales, Junior J. Araiza, Tania P. Alvarez Dominguez, Rafael Medrano Guzmán, Jorge A. Barbabosa, Maria I. Tolentino Sosa


Struma Ovarii is a highly specialized monodermal teratoma in which the major component is thyroid tissue. Its relationship with Pseudo Meigs syndrome, hyperthyroidism and elevation of Ca 125 is a rare condition; this could mimic malignancy. Ultrasound and axial tomography may be useful in diagnosis; but histopathological criteria play a very important role in the definitive diagnosis. Our objective is to present a case report of Struma ovarii, ascites, pleural effusion (pseudo meigs syndrome), elevation of Ca 125, hyperthyroidism, and review the published literature in relation to epidemiology and diagnostic characteristics.


Ovary, Pseudo-Meigs´ syndrome, Struma Ovarii

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