Published: 2016-12-15

Giant ovarian tumour: case report and literature review

Shazwani Adnan, Wan Rosmidah Wan Abas, Nasuha Yaacob, Karimah Mohd, Roziana Ramli


A case of giant ovarian tumour containing total of 53 liters of serous fluid is reported here. A 61 year old postmenopausal lady presented with shortness of breath to the Casualty Department with underlying history of progressive abdominal distension for 10 years. Clinical assessment and abdominal ultrasound suggest diagnosis of giant ovarian tumour with concurrent pneumonia. Stabilization of her medical condition took priority before surgery. Both pre- and intraoperative drainage of the tumour were performed. Postoperative period was stormy but patient recovered well and was discharged on day 42 post-surgery. Histopathological examination confirmed benign papillary serous cystadenoma of the ovaries.


Giant ovarian tumor, Serous cystadenoma, Pre and intraoperative drainage, Benign tumor

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