Bicornuate uterus and obstetrical complications repeated: what’s solution for a better obstetrical prognosis into a developing country of Africa?

Charles Kakou, Idrissa Garba, Raoul Kasse, Diomandé Gondo, Koffi Soh, Roland Adjoby, Serge Boni


Author report one case of bicornuate uterus and pregnancy in a patient who had a preterm delivery in her medical history. The support for the pregnancy was a cerclage of the cervix, bi-monthly prenatal consultation, a systematic work stoppage. The removal of cerclage was conducted at 37 weeks of amenorrhea. Childbirth is done vaginally. We didn’t realize restorative surgery of the uterus before pregnancy or after. The aim of our clinical case was to clarify the therapeutic possibilities in an African developing country. Moreover, the formation of an expert team for surgery of uterine malformations should be considered in our work environment.


Bicornuate uterus, Cervical cerclage, Preterm delivery, Recurrent abortion, Surgery

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