Published: 2018-04-28

A case series of craniotomy in obstetric patients: a lifesaving treatment modality

S. S. Subha, Mohana Dhanapal, Aiswary .


BACKGROUND:Neurosurgical disorders are a significant cause of non-obstetric death and disability in pregnant women. They pose a unique therapeutic challenge. The changes in normal physiology during pregnancy add to the complexity of management. The common conditions encountered are intracranial hemorrhage, tumours, trauma and spinal pathologies. It is preferrable to wait until the third trimester if the indication is semi-elective.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Here we present a prospective study of four cases , managed with neurosurgery in pregnancy and puerperium.RESULTS: Of the 4 cases two cases were craniotomy done for cortical vein thrombosis and two cases of excision of space occupying lesions.  CONCLUSIONS: Pregnancy itself should not be considered a contra-indication to neurosurgery, which when considered early in some patients, proves to be life-saving.


Maternal morbidity, Neurosurgery, Pregnancy

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