A study of management and outcome of tumors of ovary among women of reproductive age group


  • Priyadarshika M. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Malla Reddy Medical College for Women, Suraram, Hyderabad, Telangana, India




Benign tumor of the ovary, Cystadenoma, Oophorectomy


Background: Variety of presentations of each and every type of the tumor of the ovaries and their asymptomatic nature in the initial stages of the cancer brings out the disease in very late stages. In the late stages of the malignancy of the ovaries, even chemotherapy or even surgical management is of limited use. Objective of this study was to study of management and outcome of tumors of ovary among women of reproductive age group

Methods: Present study was follow-up study. Patients were followed from diagnosis to surgery till the six months post-surgery. A total of 56 eligible study subjects with any kind of tumor of ovary posted for surgery in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology were included in the present study and studied in the present study which lasted for two years.

Results: Maximum (64.3%) were managed by oophorectomy. 87.5% of tumors were benign and 10.7% were malignant. Maximum cases were of serous cystadenoma in 44.9% of the cases among benign tumors. Out of 22 cases of serous cystadenoma, maximum i.e. 16 underwent oophorectomy. One case of Dysgerminoma affecting one ovary was in stage Ia but not having metastatic nodules or ascites. Papillary mucinous cystadeno carcinoma in stage IIIc received Salvage CT with multi drug regimen with 3 Number of cycles of chemotherapy. Three cases died and one lost to follow up.

Conclusions: Benign tumors of the ovary were the most common among women. Each case was unique histo-pathlogically and stage wise. This feature of tumors of the ovaries makes it difficult to diagnose easily and make management more difficult. Hence thorough study of each case is required to understand them properly.


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