Three dimensional ultrasound- its use in defining and prognosticating fibroid associated with pregnancy: one picture is worth more than a thousand words

Aarti Deenadayal Tolani, Suhasini Donthi, Kadambari ., Mamata Deenadayal


Uterine fibroids are most frequent benign growths occur in female reproductive age with the frequency of 20-40%. The fibroid incidence in pregnancy estimated to be 0.1 to 3.9%. They affect the female fertility and embryo implantation rates after the assisted reproductive treatments. Although most of the uterine myomas are asymptomatic during pregnancy, seldom they lead to the various complications that harm the pregnancy. Henceforth it is advisable to diagnose the uterine myomas at early stages. Three-dimensional ultrasonography is excellent equipment producing high-resolution images in different panels. It is easily accessible, cost-effective and offers benefits for early diagnosis of uterine anomalies. In this case report, we emphasized on the early diagnosis of the uterine fibroid associated pregnancy that enabled the physician to manage the pregnancy without complications.


Intramural fibroid, Gestational sac, Three-dimensional ultrasound, Trans vaginal

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