A study of emergency peripartum hysterectomy in a tertiary care hospital

Jeyamani Janaki Bhaskaran, Subha Sivagami Sengodan, Aiswarya Rangesh, Praveena Murugesan


Background: Emergency peripartum hysterectomy is a lifesaving procedure done as a last resort to save mother’s life. This study is to analyse the incidence, maternal characteristics, indications and complications following peripartum hysterectomy.

Methods: A retrospective analysis of emergency peripartum hysterectomy cases performed over a period of 3 years from January 2015 to December 2017.

Results: During the study period, 82 emergency peripartum hysterectomies were performed giving an incidence of 3.47/1000 delivery. Most of the women belong to the age group of 21-30 years (70.7%) and the women of parity two and three (65.8%). Atonic PPH was the most common indication accounting for 59.8% of cases followed by placenta accreta (19.5%).

Conclusions: Emergency peripartum hysterectomy remains a lifesaving procedure. Proper antenatal care, early referral, blood bank facilities and timely decision greatly influences maternal outcome.


Atonic PPH, Obstetric hysterectomy, Placenta accreta

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