Pattern of admissions, clinical course and short term outcome of patients admitted to an obstetric ICU of a tertiary care hospital of north India: a retrospective study

Waseeqa Nigeen, Saima Salam, Samina Ashraf, Abdus Sami Bhat


Background: Obstetric ICUs have become an important part of any tertiary care obstetric hospital. There have been studies in different parts of the world including India to determine the clinical spectrum, management and outcome of the patients admitted to these units. There have been a few studies on the subject from our part of the country, so we tried to carry out the said study. Our objective was to study indications of admissions, the pattern of complications, interventions required, and the maternal and fetal /neonatal outcome of the patients admitted in an obstetric ICU of our hospital.

Methods: A retrospective descriptive study carried out at Lalla Ded hospital Srinagar, a tertiary care hospital of north India, between January 2017 and June 2017.

Results: Fifty patients among 4890 obstetric admissions required ICU care giving an admission rate of 1.02%. Most of the patients fell in the age group of 26-30years (52%) followed by 31-35 years (24%).The most frequent indication for admission to ICU was pregnancy induced hypertension related eclampsia and preeclampsia which constituted about 44% (n=22) of the admissions. Obstetric haemorrhage was a close second and accounted for 34% (n=17) of the admissions. Mean ICU stay was 2.5±1 days. Four patients died giving a maternal mortality rate of 8% in this ICU. There were eleven fetal and neonatal deaths excluding ectopic pregnancy giving a fetal /neonatal mortality rate of 22%.

Conclusions: Obstetric ICUs have become an important part of any tertiary care obstetric hospital. Significant number of patients get admitted and treated in these ICUs. In our part of the world majority of ICU admissions are because of eclampsia/preeclampsia and obstetric haemorrhage. Although a large number of mothers and their neonates get benefitted by way of admission to ICUs, a significant proportion of these mothers and their neonates die. There is a lot of scope of improvement in maternal and perinatal mortality. In addition to the importance of setting up of state of the art obstetric ICUs, the need for supervision of pregnancies, institutional deliveries, early detection of complications and early referral cannot be overemphasized.



Clinical course, Outcome, Obstetric ICU

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