Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among postmenopausal women in South India

Jeyasheela K., Emily D. Ebenezer, Vaibhav Londhe, Thomas V. Paul, Bijesh Yadav, Aruna N. Kekre


Background: As the average life expectancy of women extends 20-30 years after menopause, the medical impacts of changes leading to metabolic syndrome on postmenopausal women are significant. The menopausal state has been noted to be an independent risk factor for the occurrence of metabolic syndrome. This study was conducted to look at the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in postmenopausal women.

Methods: A prospective cross sectional study was done and postmenopausal women were assessed for metabolic syndrome using the International Diabetes Federation Criteria.

Results: The prevalence of metabolic syndrome was found to be 64%. Women with metabolic syndrome had a higher systolic blood pressure and larger waist circumference, however did not differ in terms of diabetes and dyslipidemia. There was no significant difference with regards to frequency and severity of menopausal symptoms between women with and without metabolic syndrome.

Conclusions: The increased prevalence of metabolic syndrome in postmenopausal women may be directly due to ovarian insufficiency and indirectly due to metabolic consequences of central fat redistribution with estrogen deficiency.


Hypertension, Metabolic syndrome, Menopausal symptoms, Postmenopausal, Prevalence, South India

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