Spontaneous broad ligament haematoma following a normal vaginal delivery: a case report

Dheeraj Yalla, Alka N. Nadar, G. Usha Rani


Broad ligament haematoma is a rare complication following a normal vaginal delivery. We report one such case of a woman who developed this complication within 3 hrs of normal vaginal delivery. She is G2P1L1, 38 wks GA, in active labour. Pt was allowed for spontaneous progression of labour, following which she delivered vaginally. Within 3 hrs patient looked clinically very pale with vitals being deranged and complains of inability to void urine, severe perineal pain. On basis of clinical examination and transabdominal ultrasound features a diagnosis of right sided broad ligament haematoma was made. Based on patients haemodynamic instability surgical management in the form of obstetric hysterectomy was done.


Broad ligament haematoma, Hysterectomy, Normal vaginal delivery

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