A rare case of spontaneous heterotopic pregnancy with successful pregnancy outcome following laparoscopic management of coexisting ruptured tubal pregnancy in Non-ART set up

G. D. Maiti, Tony Jose, Shilpa Gupta, Vibhu Chatterjee


Heterotopic pregnancy is a rare clinical condition where both intrauterine (IU) and extra uterine pregnancy coexists. In a non-ART set up diagnosis of tubal ectopic pregnancy becomes challenging and difficult with coexisting intrauterine viable pregnancy, even when presents with ruptured form. Author is presenting one of his challenging experience in managing successfully such type of heterotopic ruptured tubal pregnancy in first trimester where extra uterine ruptured tubal pregnancy was addressed by laparoscopic salpingectomy under spinal anaesthesia with minimal uterine manipulation to continue intrauterine pregnancy till term and thus had a successful pregnancy outcome.


Heterotopic pregnancy, Laparoscopic management

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