A prospective comparative study on uteroplacental blood flow, cardiac function and pregnancy outcome in women with heart disease and normal healthy pregnant women

Gayatri Mathuriya, Pooja Gondiya, Ashish K. Jain


Background: Cardiac dysfunction in women with heart disease results not only in cardiovascular complication, but also lead to abnormal uteroplacental flow pattern, thus compromising normal growth and development of the fetus and contributing to complication of pregnancy. Our aims include, study the distribution of the type of heart diseases, Grading of the subjects according to NYHA classification, to study the cardiovascular and uteroplacental Doppler flow pattern and their obstetrics and fetal outcome in heart diseases subjects and controls groups.

Methods: This was a case control Prospective Comparative Study of 54 cases with Heart Diseases (cases) and 50 cases of normal healthy pregnant (control) admitted in Obstetrics and Gynaecology department.

Results: Our study shows the correlation of abnormal ECHO and uteroplacentation flow, abnormal ECHO were seen in 20 cases out of them 11 cases (55%) had abnormal flow and 9 cases (45%) had normal flow In our study it was observed that among the cases with abnormal ECHO 37% (20 cases) 6 babies were handover healthy, 11 babies were went to nursery and 3 (5.56%) babies were IUD among control group ECHO of all the control were normal. And Uteroplacental Doppler flow was abnormal among 15 cases (27.7%) out of them 3 babies were healthy 9 babies went to nursery and 3 were IUD (5.56%) and colour doppler of control group is normal in most of the cases.

Conclusions: Uteroplacental flow patterns of heart disease and healthy women relate these to cardiovascular parameters and to events and outcome in pregnant women .we will refine risk stratification that will lead to better prepregnancy counseling and may eventually improve treatment of these women by identifying the components responsible for pregnancy-related events in women with heart disease.


Echocardiograhy, Fetomaternal outcome, Uteroplacental doppler flow

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