A study of feto-maternal outcome of jaundice in pregnancy

Jyothi G. S., Anannya Chakraborty, Asha Swarup


Background: Jaundice in pregnancy complicates 3-5% of cases and carries a grave prognosis. The purpose of the study was to assess the epidemiology, magnitude, causes and the maternal and fetal outcome of pregnancies complicated by jaundice.

Methods: The maternal and fetal outcomes of 101 cases of jaundice in pregnancy were reviewed retrospectively from July 2013-June 2016.

Results: The incidence of jaundice in pregnancy was 2.32%. Primigravidas constituted 46.53%. Women aged 20-30 years constituted 86.13%. Unbooked cases included 60.39%. Serum bilirubin was >10 mg/dl at admission in 1.98%. Out of the 101 women, 4 remained undelivered. Labor was spontaneous in 53.52%, vaginal delivery in 55.67%. However, 38.63% newborns required NICU care.  Perinatal mortality was 8.91% (3.96% stillbirths and 4.95% early neonatal deaths. The causes for jaundice were viral hepatitis (30.69%), HELLP syndrome (30.69%), intrahepatic cholestasis (15.84%), acute fatty liver of pregnancy (13.86%) and the rest in combination constituted 8.91%. Maternal mortality was 3 in 101. The various maternal complications were DIC (44.55%), septicemia (10.89%), ARDS (7.92%), acute renal failure (8.91%) and MODS (3.96%). ICU was needed in 14.85% of mothers and blood component therapy in 70.29% cases. All deaths were within 3 weeks of admission.

Conclusions: This study emphasizes the need for essential antenatal care at domiciliary and peripheral levels. Early detection and treatment can prevent most of the complications.


Bilirubin, DIC, Maternal mortality, Sepsis

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