Laparoscopic evaluation of female infertility in low socioeconomic status

Chesta Saini, Ashoo Gupta, Kishore Rajurkar, Kartik Saxena, Kanchan Saini, Rijul Saini


Background: Infertility is a multidimensional health issue which is rising dramatically. The common causes include ovarian, uterine, tubal disorders, hormonal imbalance, age-related factors and lifestyle factors. The low economic strata poses a subset of problems like difficulty in seeking healthcare, treatment costs and poor compliance. Authors sought to evaluate the factors for primary and secondary infertility in women of reproductive age group who belong to low socio-economic strata using laparoscopy.

Methods: A prospective observational study was conducted in the obstetrics and gynaecology department at Sanjay Gandhi memorial hospital, Delhi comprising 50 infertile women of reproductive age group belonging to low socioeconomic class for a period of 2 years from June 2015 onwards.

Results: Among primary infertility, tuberculosis (27.02%), ovarian cyst (16.22%), adhesions (10.81%), polycystic ovaries (10.81%) and Pelvic inflammatory disease (10.81%) were the major findings whereas in secondary infertility Pelvic inflammatory disease (23.07%), tuberculosis (15.38%), adhesions (15.38%) and endometriosis (7.69%) were the major factors seen in the study.

Conclusions: Tuberculosis and pelvic inflammatory disease were the major factors seen in infertile women of low socioeconomic status thus, they should be kept high on the list of differential diagnosis even if the investigative work up is negative.


Infertility laparoscopy, Low socioeconomic status, Primary, Secondary

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