Unusual presentation of a case of ovarian endometrioma

Rini Rajiv Sutaria, Meena Naresh Satia, V. R. Badhwar


Ca-125 is a cell surface glycoprotein present in epithelial ovarian tumors. It is called as a biomarker because it provides information about the biological state of a disease. It is also considered a “tumor associated protein” because elevated CA 125 levels do not always indicate ovarian cancer. Pelvic inflammatory disease irritable bowel disease, tuberculosis pancreatitis and endometriosis can also increase the Ca125 levels in these benign conditions the Ca 125 levels are rarely markedly. Here authors report a case of ovarian endometrioma with markedly elevated levels of Ca 125 who was diagnosed as a case of ovarian malignancy due to presence of ascites and a large ovarian mass of 20x20 cm size arising from the pelvis.


CA 125, Endometriosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease

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