Curious case of corpus callosal hematoma in a normotensive post-partum female patient: a case report of reversible post-partum angiopathy with clinico-radiological correlation

Gaurav Chauhan, Vivek Singh, R. V. Phadke, Sapna Yadav, Abhishek Gupta


Postpartum cerebral angiopathy (PCA) is a rare cause of stroke in the puerperium. It usually presents with episodes of headache, seizures and neurological deficits in early post-partum period in normotensive females. CT, MRI and catheter angiography may demonstrate segmental vasoconstriction that often resolves spontaneously. PPA is generally regarded as a benign, non-relapsing and reversible disease process. We present a clinico-radiological correlative case of isolated corpus callosal hematoma in a post-partum normotensive female with evidence of intracranial vascular spasm and luminal irregularity on CT and catheter angiography. Follow up MR angiography showed resolution of the vasospasm and luminal irregularity. Patient was managed conservatively and showed resolution of the symptoms in follow up visit on 8th week.



Angiopathy, Cerebral artery, Postpartum, Reversible, Vasoconstriction

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