Steroid cell tumour of the ovary: a case report with review of literature

Fathima Seles M., M. Revathy, Madurai Padmanabhan Kanchana


Virilising ovarian tumours account for less than 5% of all ovarian tumours. A steroid cell tumour (SCTs) of the ovary comes under the sex cord stromal tumours and accounts for only 0.1% of all ovarian tumours. Almost 75% are functioning tumors with production of androgenic hormones causing virilisation and cushingoid features. They are usually unilateral, benign with only 25-45% malignant cases. Here authors report the incidence of steroid cell tumour in our institution and discuss about a 37-year-old woman with steroid cell tumour, not otherwise specified who presented with oligomenorrhea followed by amenorrhea, secondary infertility and signs of virilisation.


Androgen secreting tumours, Hirsutism, Ovary, Steroid cell tumour, Virilisation, Virilising ovarian tumours

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