Successful term pregnancy post laparoscopic management of thick perforate upper transverse vaginal septum

Manjula Anagani, Prabha Agrawal, B. Radhika, Amodita Ahuja


A 30-year-old woman presented with dyspareunia and infertility and was referred to after failure to visualize cervix during diagnostic laparoscopy by her primary consultant. Preoperative MRI was done which showed mild arcuate uterus with minimum fluid in vaginal cavity with vertical vaginal septum. This was managed successfully by a combined laparoscopic and vaginal approach. She conceived spontaneously and delivered a healthy term baby by caesarean section. Upper thick Transverse Vaginal Septum is a complex congenital malformation posing challenges for its correction, restoring normal healthy sex life and conception. The septum varies in thickness and may be located anywhere along the vagina reducing the functional length of the vagina.  Identifying and dissecting the anatomic structures is greatly aided by panoramic view of laparoscope allowing the surgeon to have an increased degree of freedom during surgery.


Complex congenital malformation, Dyspareunia, Infertility, Transverse vaginal septum

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